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Barley Fields

Jerry Preston Hauling's Green Thumb Initiative

The road to a greener environment starts here...

Fog and Nature

Strict Standards

Recycling may be one of the easiest ways to help our environment. This is a daily practice at Jerry Preston Hauling.

Creating electricity though the use of solar panels and heating our building by recycling used motor oil. Here at Preston's nothing goes to waste.

Used paper is repurposed or recycled in some way.

Styrofoam free product use. 

Expired tires are recycled or retreaded

to be used again.

Used brake pads are saved and returned for recycling.


The mechanics at Jerry Preston Hauling ensure that all exhaust gasses be properly neutralized. Everything that exits the vehicles is filtered in some way. 

Our fleet represent the company and the community. Clean and well maintained vehicles are in the forefront at Jerry Preston Hauling. We take pride in our trucks and the Men and Woman who control them.

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