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Image by Shahadat Rahman

Popular Material

Preston Hauling strives to provide customers with the highest quality products, custom fit to any  application. Please ask about material color and availability. 

Image by Michal Pokorný

Driveway Stone "57's"
Crushed stone between sizes 5 & 7

Cement & Pavement Base - Driveways - Pipe Bedding

recycled asphalt from road milling on a large pile at a landfill. traces of a grab from an

Recycled Pavement "Millings"

Driveways & Parking Pads

Image by Glen Carrie

Fill Dirt
Dirt & other Earthy material

Yard fill - Building Pad Formation - Bank & Hill Construction


Sand "Mason" "Fill" "Play"
Mason Sand- Uniform, Screened & Washed 
Fill Sand- Versatile, Unscreened (Flooring, Drainage)
Play Sand- Screened, Soft Sand (Playgrounds, Sand boxes)

Image by Chris Bair

Screened, Free of large rocks and clumps

Gardens - Lawns - Golf course management 

Recycled Concrete.png

Crushed Concrete 
Recycled concrete structures

Backfill - Drainage - Erosion control 


Landscaping Stone "River Jacks"
Decorative stone between 1/2" - 12" 

Gardens - Pathways - Flowerbeds - Drainage 


Bulk Ice Melt Salt "Rock Salt"

Roads - Sidewalks - Parking Lots 

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